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PLEASEREAD THEFOLLOWINGTERMS AND CONDITIONSOF USECAREFULLYBEFOREUSING THISWEBSITE. Allusersof thissiteagreethataccess toand useof thissitearesubject tothe followingterms and conditionsand otherapplicablelaw. If you do notagree totheseterms and conditions, please donotuse thissite.



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Youagreenot todiscloseinformationyou obtainfromusand orfrom ourclients, advertisersandsuppliers. All informationsubmitted tobyan end-user customer pursuant to aProgramisproprietaryinformationofwww.premier-cosmetics.com. Suchcustomerinformation isconfidentialand maynot bedisclosed. Publisheragreesnot toreproduce, disseminate, sell, distributeorcommerciallyexploitany suchproprietaryinformationin any manner.



This siteand thematerialsand productson this siteare provided "as is" andwithoutwarrantiesof any kind, whetherexpressorimplied. To thefullestextentpermissible pursuant toapplicablelaw, www.premier-cosmetics.com disclaims allwarranties, expressorimplied, including, but notlimited to, impliedwarrantiesof merchantability andfitnessfor a particularpurposeand non-infringement. www.premier-cosmetics.comdoes notrepresentorwarrantthat thefunctionscontained in thesitewill beuninterruptedor error-free, that thedefectswill becorrected, orthat thissiteor theserverthat makesthe siteavailable arefree ofvirusesor otherharmfulcomponents. www.premier-cosmetics.comdoes notmakeany warrantees or representations regarding theuse of thematerialsin this sitein terms oftheir correctness, accuracy, adequacy, usefulness, timeliness, reliabilityor otherwise. Somestatesdo notpermitlimitationsorexclusionsonwarranties, so theabovelimitationsmay notapply toyou.



FRAUDULENTACTIVITIESarehighlymonitoredin oursiteand iffraudisdetectedwww.premier-cosmetics.comshallresortallremediesavailable tous, and youshall beresponsible forall costsandlegal feesarising fromthesefraudulentactivities.



www.premier-cosmetics.comshallnot beliable foranyspecialorconsequentialdamagesthatresult fromthe use of, or theinability touse, the materialson this siteor theperformanceof theproducts, even ifwww.premier-cosmetics.comhas beenadvisedof thepossibility ofsuchdamages. Applicablelawmay notallow thelimitationofexclusionofliabilityorincidentalorconsequentialdamages, so theabovelimitationorexclusionmay notapply toyou.



www.premier-cosmetics.commaydelivernoticeto youby means of e-mail, a generalnoticeon the site, orbyotherreliablemethod totheaddressyou haveprovided towww.premier-cosmetics.com. Packging might change by the manufacture and may not resemble the pictures shown on www.premier-cosmetics.com, we are doing our best to keep www.premier-cosmetics.com updated.

On Any order being made only one discount or promotion code may apply, no "double discount" is available throughout the store, some promotions may be without coupons attached  to them, in those cases additional coupon codes not apply and only one discoun/promotion is valid. further more even if a promotion/discount for a certain product/category doesn't envolve a coupon code it may only apply without other promotions. 


Use of Site

Harassmentin any mannerorformon the site, includingvia e-mail, chat, orbyuse of obscene orabusivelanguage, isstrictlyforbidden. Impersonation ofothers, includingawww.premier-cosmetics.comor otherlicensedemployee, host, orrepresentative, as well as othermembersorvisitorson the siteisprohibited. You may notuploadto, distribute, or otherwisepublishthrough thesiteanycontentwhich is libelous, defamatory, obscene, threatening, invasiveofprivacyorpublicityrights, abusive, illegal, or otherwise objectionable which mayconstituteorencouragea criminal offense, violatetherightsof anypartyorwhich mayotherwisegive rise toliabilityorviolateanylaw. You may notuploadcommercialcontenton the siteoruse thesitetosolicitothersto joinorbecomemembers ofany othercommercialonlineserviceor otherorganization.


Shipping/Return Policy 

You may return any unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. We will be glad pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error (you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.).  You will receive your refund within four weeks of the return shipment. 

In the unlikely event that you are not pleased with your purchase, you may return your product within 15 days of delivery. Products being returned must contain more than ¾ of original product. In such case the costumer will be charged for the shipping of the order even if the order had free shipping, for each of the products that been opened/used there will be a 20% handeling/restocking fee. Please consider you'll have to return all the products in their original packaging as well as all the included material (books, pamphlets, samples etc.) that came along with your order.

Don't send your packge back without noticing us, in such case we will not be able to refund your money. To return an item, simply login to your account, view the order using the "Complete Orders" link under the My Account menu and click the Return Item(s) button - Please contact us via phone after loging-in at 772-405-7546. We'll notify you via e-mail of your refund once we've received and processed the returned item(s).

Items that can't be refunded : Soaps (any type), Shampoo (any type) & Any Mineral Bars.


Participation Disclaimer

www.premier-cosmetics.comdoes notand cannotreviewallcommunicationsandmaterialspostedtoorcreated byusersaccessingthe site, and is notin any mannerresponsible forthe contentof thesecommunicationsandmaterials. Youacknowledgethatby providingyouwith the ability toviewanddistribute user-generated contenton the site, www.premier-cosmetics.comis merelyacting asapassiveconduitforsuchdistributionand is notundertakinganyobligationorliabilityrelating toanycontentsoractivitieson the site. However, www.premier-cosmetics.comreservesthe right toblockorremovecommunicationsormaterialsthat itdeterminesto be (a) abusive, defamatory, or obscene, (b) fraudulent, deceptive, ormisleading, (c) inviolationof acopyright, trademarkor; otherintellectualpropertyrightof anotheror (d) offensiveor otherwiseunacceptabletowww.premier-cosmetics.comin itssolediscretion.



Price Match Guarantee

You can be confident of getting the best everyday value when you shop at www.premier-cosmetics.com. In most cases, if you find any product we sell anywhere else for less, we will refund you 115% of the difference between the lower price and your www.premier-cosmetics.com net purchase price.


Your actual (net) www.premier-cosmetics.com purchase price of $100.00 includes no tax* and FREE domestic shipping.

You find another retail store selling the same product for $85.00, no tax* and $5.00 shipping, bringing your actual (net) purchase price to $90.00.

We will refund you 115% of the difference between $90.00 and $100.00 or $11.50, bringing your actual (net) purchase price to $88.50.

To secure your price guarantee:

  1. Purchase your favorite products from www.premier-cosmetics.com.
  2. E-mail us at PriceProtect@premier-cosmetics.com or call us toll free at 800-814-7546. You will need to provide your order number and a link to the website address or the name and phone number of the store where you found the item for less. Please see Terms and Conditions below.

We will refund 115% of the difference and e-mail or call you back with your new total within two business day of verifying the information you provide.

If you have any questions about this offer please email us at PriceProtect@premier-cosmetics.com or call us toll free at 800-814-7546.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The product must be currently available in the identical type, size, and package. Offers exclusive to other retailers do not qualify.
  • If you found the product at a US retail location, spa or physician's office you must supply a legitimate address and phone number.
  • If you found the product on a website, you must provide a link to the website address where the product can be purchased. Also the site must be an autorized retailer of Premier Dead Sea.
  • Does not apply to goods purchased through auction sites and their affiliated stores.
  • Does not apply to goods purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website or store.
  • Prices on websites must be in listed US dollars and product must be shipping from a US address.
  • Differences are calculated on your actual or net www.premier-cosmetics.com purchase price.
  • Taxes will be excluded from the price difference calculation.
  • Differences in shipping charges (if applicable) will be included when calculating the price difference.
  • Your refund will be issued as store credit within 7 business day in the same form as your original payment.

This offer is valid one time per order within three days of the purchase date