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Thank you for choosing Premier Cosmetics, your source for Dead Sea cosmetics and quality skin care products. People from all walks of life continuously search for a more youthful appearance and at Premier Cosmetics we bring that search to an end. We give you access to the finest and most high quality skin care so you can look and feel your best. We do not manufacture the brands we sell. We are only selling the products we select online and are not affiliated with any cart or kiosk in the mall or any other physical location.

Our flagship brand is Premier Dead Sea because of its quality and unique ingredients found only in the Dead Sea. Being the lowest point on Earth at 1,371 feet below sea level, it housed the world’s first spa resort established by Cleopatra and since that time it has become a major center for health research and skin treatments. We supply our customers with the same mineral rich products directly from the Dead Sea. Premier Dead Sea products contain tremendous health benefits because of their extremely low levels of pollens, allergens, reduced ultraviolet components, and higher atmospheric pressure. We also continuously research other brands and are actively seeking new additions to our product line. Your feedback and recommendation is always welcome because we are here because we want to provide you with the best skin care possible

There are hundreds if not thousands of cosmetics retailers out there, so why choose us?  We provide our customers with the most concentrated organic elements from Premier Dead Sea at the best prices.  Along with our great prices, we also offer superior customer service and guarantee that you will be satisfied with your shopping experience. 

Our number one priority is your satisfaction. We pride ourselves on building long term relationships with our customers, and we want you to keep coming back!  Our certified professionals are eager to assist you in choosing the best premier Dead Sea product for your specific needs.