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BIOX Anti-Aging Line


Throughout our lives spontaneous and typical facial movements communicate our thoughts and emotions, sometimes better than we do! Problematically, the non-verbal messages we send mark the skin on our foreheads, in the corners of our eyes, and around our mouths with creases. In varying degrees, these creases, or expression lines, signal a reduction in skin elasticity and overtime deepen into wrinkles that age the face and cause the skin to sag. Some alternative methods used to reduce wrinkles, like the Botulinum toxin, paralyze certain facial muscles and in doing so eliminate fine lines. However, this method, along with other medical procedures like plastic surgery, can have harmful side effects and produce an artificial looking appearance.

Premier Dead Sea offers the optimal cosmetics solution to reduce the signs of aging, straight from the Dead Sea: anti-aging minerals. Premier Dead Sea anti-aging minerals naturally and healthily exercise facial muscles to firm and tighten the skin and form the backbone of the top selling BIOX Anti-Aging cosmetics line, the safe alternative to medical enhancement. Premier Dead Sea anti-aging minerals and enzymes synthesized in the BIOX Anti-Aging mask, serum, intensive treatment, and eye cream gel are safe and non-intrusive. Specifically designed by Premier scientists’ to activate and exercise the muscles underneath wrinkles and sagging skin, BIOX anti-aging cosmetics work together to reduce tension in the subcutaneous muscles of the face and produce immediate results after initial use. Extended usage drastically reduces the appearance of wrinkles and promotes skin tightness, elasticity, and youth.

Though specially formulated for sensitive skin, BIOX Anti-Aging cosmetics are also hypoallergenic and sutiable for all skin types to help diminish fine lines, deep lines, and crow’s feet. Awarded the 2007 Health Beauty America International Award, Premier Dead Sea BIOX Anti-Aging Line is 100% guaranteed to yield noticeable results.