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As babies, we all started out with luxuriously soft skin. However, as we age, our body’s ability to produce moisture decreases, and we need a little extra cosmetic help to re-create that smooth softness. Premier Dead Sea moisturizers, enhanced by organic, refining Dead Sea vitamins and minerals, make skin softer and prolong a youthful appearance by increasing and/or balancing the skin’s hydration.

When coupled with Premier Dead Sea serums and concentrates, Premier Dead Sea moisturizers successfully revitalize and retain moisture. How? All moisturizers contain both humectants that absorb water from the air into the skin and emollients that fill in the spaces between cells to even out roughness in the skin. Premier Dead Sea moisturizers go several steps further by combining these elements with Dead Sea minerals and vitamins that naturally reduce water evaporation from the skin, leaving it silky smooth. This innovative cosmetic technology makes Premier Dead Sea moisturizers stand above the rest in effectively treating dry, oily, sensitive, or aging skin.