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Premier Dead Sea Ageless Future Line


Aging is most appreciated when done gracefully—but for most of us, the signs of aging can be stark and unflattering—picture fine lines, uneven skin tone, poor skin texture, and surface dullness. Over the course of the natural aging process, the skin decreases production of new cells, and our faces become more susceptible to genetic and environmental factors that either increase or decrease the chance of preserving radiant, supple skin. Why leave aging up to chance? Premier Dead Sea offers you certainty and peace of mind when it comes to life-long beauty.

After six years of intensive research, scientists at Premier laboratories developed an award-winning, bio-scientific cosmetic breakthrough that is truly age-defying and featured in the Ageless Future cosmetics line. The Ageless Future line, the premier solution to minimize the signs of aging, is the first in the world to use the Seamax Complex—a fusion of exclusive Premier Dead Sea minerals and extracts from the native Mediterranean Myrtle Plant. Myrtle oils, also known as “Angel Water,” have been used since ancient Greece to restore youthfulness and beauty. Today, these ingredients, synthesized in the Premier Dead Sea Ageless Future cosmetics line, promote optimal cell renewal by reviving cellular metabolism and detoxifying and purifying the skin. The result -a truly timeless appearance.