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Psoriasis Treatment

Are you looking for the best Psoriasis treatments that are all natural and proven? This collection of Dead Sea products are our best suggestions to help alleviate your symptoms and bring some relief to your discomfort, but don't take our word for it; CNN did a special video report on the advantages of soaking in dead sea bath salts for Psoriasis. Currently there is no cure for Psoriasis but you can experience about a 75% overall improvement by soaking in a dead sea bath salt soak about 3 times a month. If you are looking for more information on the different classifications of Psoriasis Wikipedia has some great information, but these products are great for anyone suffering from dry skin or eczema symptoms as well.

There are obvious choices that will help like the Premier Dead Sea Psoricalm Cream, but a typical regimen for someone with Psoriasis would be to perform the following once or twice a week, depending on the severity of your condition:

  • First things first, a great dead sea bath salt soak is a great starting foundation and you can do it as much as you need to relieve your symptoms. The high volume of vitamins, minerals, and salt in the dead sea salt softens the skin and opens your pores to allow the next phase of treatment to be more effective.
  • After or during the bath, and specifically while the skin is still damp, use a dead sea salt scrub to treat target problem areas. The scrub will help remove or break down excess skin cells while moisturizing. It's important to note that this is a scrub that can cause some discomfort or irritation if it is overused, so use your judgement and don't overdo it.
  • Now that you have softened the skin and used the scrub to break down the skin cells, applying a Premier Dead Sea Body Butter next will help maximize the moisture retention by creating a protective barrier over your skin to ultimately prevent moisture loss in dry, cold, or windy environments. This is a crucial step for people who live in areas that have harsh weather conditions that aren't helpful to dry skin conditions.
  • Finally, use the Premier Dead Sea Para-Pharmaceutical Alojodo Cream as a final application and a rich all purpose cream that you can use as an on the go when you are out and need some relief from your symptoms.

There are many other products that you can work into your daily routine that will help with Psoriasis. We hope this sample routine helps you and we would love to hear your stories of success and your feedback on our products. Call us at 1-800 814-7546 if you have any questions!