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Judy M.,

  "Thanks you so much for your information by email and on the phone regarding the Dead Sea Salt Scrub. I plan to try it today. I really appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions and to explain how best to use your product. It is rare these days to find such excellent customer service!
All the Best,
Judy M.
P.S. I was 14 when I first swam in the Dead Sea, and, for various reasons, I'll never forget it!"

Tabitha Revelo,

  "I just wanted to tell you that your products are WONDERFUL!!!!! I have many allergies and skin sensitivities and was just diagnosed a few years ago with Rosacea. I tried your Psoriasis cream actually on my scalp and my hair and I couldn't believe the difference. I LOVE your body butter. It is so nice to use something that I don't have an allergic reaction to. I do wish that you made body wash that would be softer to my skin as the body scrubs are a little rough on my skin. All in all you have the best products I've ever used and that's not a joke. I have gone through at least $2,000.00 trying to find something my skin could handle. I do appreciate your products & look forward to many more years using them.Thank you so much. Sincerely,Tabitha Revelo"

Jimmy Nison, Indiana

  "I brought Premier for my wife on our 40th anniversary. She's always telling me how she wishes she could wind the clock back, and appear how she used to. Walking down memory lane made us both realize we're not getting any younger. Browsing through the internet I came across Premier cosmetics. I love that all the products are natural, no harmful chemicals of any kind. I placed an order for the Aesthetician's Favorite Kit filled with facial/eye serums, the next day it came I wrapped it up right away and surprised my wife. Least to say she was a bit skeptic, but after that first application she hasn't stopped using the serums. Noticeable change just with the first use, and it keeps getting progressively better. No more curvy lines around her face only her smile. Thank you Premier for bringing such happiness to my wife's life."


Lexi Madison, Tampa, Florida

  "Being an online beauty shopper for 6 years now I've seen just about everything. I have had quite an experience with receiving orders... and at times receiving nothing but monthly payments with no product to show for it. I must say that when I stumbled upon Premier Dead Sea I was blown away. So many variations of products to work with. I intended on just using cream for my daily use, I'm guilty in being too much of a heavy user on make-up. After trying out the Pearl White Cream Complex there was a remarkable change all around my face; lines started to get filled in disappearing almost immediately, my eyes became much brighter and less tired looking. Now I have the facial serum to work with the cream, and I never imagined that it could get to this point.. where I'm not even using foundation of any sort to hide behind. My confidence has boosted to a whole new level.. now I'm swimming in Dead Sea all the time."


Maddi Jack, Washington D.C

  "What I do could be considered dangerous always being out in the sun trying to get a nice glow and some color to my skin (I'm as pale as a ghost), but I do what I must for my comfort level. My friend recommended that I try Dead Sea's Alojodo Cream, to be honest I believed she was trying to get me to stop tanning which was never going to happen. Thankfully I fell in love right away. My skin has begun to get it's own glow, and the tone has even started to even out as well. I can't believe I didn't know about this any sooner!!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! No more sun exposure for me, just daily application and I'm ready to go out into the world."


Pamela Swiss, Newark, New Jersey

  "I believe in Premier!! I've been saved from what seemed like an inescapable nightmare. Ever since I was little I've suffered from a serious case of Rosocae, the doctors told me there was not much that could be done just a few trigger foods that were probably causing my outbreak, even the sun was my enemy. The day I found out about Premier is the best day of my life. My skin used to be so brittle that it felt like it was falling apart like dry plaster on a wall. My skin is as silky as milk fresh from the cow, I can actually run my fingers across my face and feel the smoothness. The creams contain SPF, so I'm always protected from the harmful suns rays'. The redness I've become accustomed to seeing everyday is GONE. So YES, I believe in Premier." 


Kendall Fert, Miami, Florida

  "Coming from a family that's always had perfect skin has been difficult for me, I stick out like a sore thumb. From the moment I hit puberty I've been under attack by acne, it's been neverending. I tried the moisturizers from Premier and have to admit that it was not what I expected. After only three days of application it's been a complete turn around. I can't tell you how excited I am to try more products from Premier and see how much more change can come from this. My acne and the scars I've been marked with have vanished, the compliments keep on rolling in though. Satisfaction doesn't even begin to explain how great I feel about Dead Sea."


Mika Shrew, Los Angeles, California

  "I'm impressed with Premier Dead Sea's Ageless Future Line. Not only have all my lines of life ceased to exist, but my skin has a glow as if I've been basking in the suns ambience. If you're looking to get fresher looking skin I highly recommend this line."


Jamila Quinton, Atlanta, Georgia

  "My nails tend to be brittle and easily break whenever I do dishes or work around the house. I've tried many types of nail polishes that were supposed to "harden" my nails, but all it did was just add shine. So when I hopped online to see that Premier has products for nail care I was ecstatic to say the least, I've heard from girlfriends that they've done miracles for their skin so why not for my nails? While massaging the cuticle therapy it felt effortless, instant soothing and such comfort."


Karina Mason, Hot Springs, Arkansas

  "Where I'm from says it all, HOT HOT HOT. This weather isn't good for my skin, but that doesn't stop it from occuring. Finding out about the Dead Sea's products has changed what I buy for my skin care forever. To know that such natural ingredients compose Premier's commodity gives me a sense of relief because I know that I'm laying something as important as skin in their hands."


Nevaeh Ishta, Boston, Massachusetts

  "I shop until I drop when I go online to Premier Dead Sea. Best part is when I go a bit overboard, I'm always eligible for discounts & savings. To know that all I have to do is simply check off all products and then pick how I want it shipped is the most easiest process."


Samantha Conceal, Tallahassee, Florida

  "My husband surprised me with Premier Dead Sea skin care for my 40th birthday. I first saw this product in the mall, to see it now in front of me is a shock because of my skepticism for such products. It's unbelievable how fast it works! My skin has gone back 10 years and I don't plan on ever giving this up."